Current Projects

Under Construction

Below is a list of my current projects/builds in Second Life and their locations. If you haven’t visited them, I hope you  will!

The Nature Collective
Where we are all about connecting people with the wonder and joy of nature in the virtual world and beyond. Come explore the new home-base location at Windy Peak Park, learn more about TNC events, and grab the latest copy of our Explorer HUD for more beautiful nature spaces to explore.

Windy Peak Convenience
A small convenience store build located across the road from The Nature Collective where park-goers and weary travelers alike can stop and stock up on essentials before continuing on their travels.

What the Buzz Bee & Pollinator Reserve
Come wander through the wildflowers and stop along the way to learn what you can do to help save the bees and other pollinators. Visit the lavender field, shop the market barn, and explore the secret garden. Pollinator info and beekeeping seminars will be available soon at the new Learning Center!

The Dancing Rabbit Café
Created by my dear friend Cynthia Deere, who passed away March 2023, and landscaped by me, The Dancing Rabbit is a whimsical space to unwind and relax with your favorite beverage, your journal, laptop, or just your thoughts. Bring your friends and loved ones and please feed the rabbits!

Lone Tree Yoga Studio & Meditation Garden
Delight in the present as you find your breath and journey toward self-discovery through the practices of yoga and guided meditation and more. Come wander the meditation garden and practice Tai Chi or sit and meditate and be one with the sights and sounds around you. All are loved and all are welcome.

DC Eco Coffee
A small piece of nature woven into the urban landscape of the Dulla Centre Community. By serving eco-friendly coffee and products, we strive to save our planet, one cup at a time. Come enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and learn how even the smallest changes in our daily lives, such as where we get our coffee, can still have a big impact on the environment.

Best of Times Book Shop
Located in the Dulla Centre Community, the Best of Times Bookshop is a quaint little shop that showcases works by Second Life authors. It also houses information on the Nature Collective’s Book Club.

Mainland Community Alliance
Information coming soon.

Sunmoore (Closing 6/18)
Amazing adventures await you in Sunnmore. Watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky, and explore the Fjords by kayak in all their serenity. Fly through the sky on the zip lines. Take a hot air balloon ride. Exhale and unwind. Welcome to Norway. Welcome home.