Not all who Sonder, are lost…

Driven by our deep love and affection for the SL Mainland and all its possibilities, my good friend Teagan Lefevre and I created the burgeoning rural community of Sonder. Situated amidst the captivating landscapes of Heterocera’s Lake District, Sonder remains deeply rooted in its Mainland origins and is a harmonious and inclusive community that warmly embraces all wanderers who venture there.

There is a lot to see and do at Sonder – from the cobblestone streets of the village square to the rural landscape of the residential area. Community amenities include:

Cottage rentals with fully landscaped plots
Village townhome rentals
• Season changes
• Village square with seasonal attractions
• Barista Babes Coffee To-Go, The Baked Babushka, Lone Tree Yoga, Sonder Books
• Sonder Brewing Co. (MyStory) with games & events
• Teegle horse and bike rezzers

With additional expansion features to come, including more cottage rentals, in early 2024!


We are an ever expanding community and we welcome new additions and contributions. Our main area, which encompasses our village square and rural residential area is located on the region of Gunda. There are areas of abandoned land and land for sale in the adjoining region of Loepa to the West and the neighboring region of Bombyx to the Southwest. Acquiring land in any of these regions will be considered as part of the Sonder proper and community.

If you have questions about how to acquire abandoned land, etc., we do offer development services!


We would love for you to join the Sonder Community. In an effort to make this easy and accessible for everyone, we are offering development services in which we will assist you in acquiring surrounding abandoned land that joins with Sonder and curating a space that seamlessly blends with the community. Rates are on a per project basis but shall remain reasonable with the hopes of growing our burgeoning community.

Not ready to own Mainland yet, but still want to be part of the Sonder Community? Contact us for information on land available for rent.


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