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This whole website started with a little Soul. Soul Starlight that is. Let me back up and start from the beginning. Soul approached me awhile back about working alongside her as she brought a creative vision of hers – Dulla Centre – to life. Dulla Centre is a modern industrial live-work-play community in Second Life that Soul conceptualized and has been working on. It has lots of community co-working spaces, shops, townhomes, Artist Alley and is also home to my Lone Tree Yoga Studio & Meditation Garden and soon to be DC Eco Coffee.

I was honored and excited to be working with Soul. Anyone who has met her, can feel the creativeness and positivity all around her. When she talks about something, you can’t help but get excited about it too and this project was no exception. So we’ve worked together, me helping to fill in and add to the spaces she had already so lovingly created. We’ve talked and brainstormed ideas – one of which was the addition of a board in the community co-working space that “linked” or connected to the people who are starting to make up this little community. Soul shared her personal website and encouraged us to possibly do the same.

I think one thing we all have issues with, or at least I do, is sharing about ourselves and our successes. So while I was intrigued by the thought of creating a website and portfolio, I was a bit anxious as well. It’s turned out to be a good thing though. It’s allowed me to see my creative process from the start to the current and to see my growth – both personal and in my work. It’s turning out to be nice to have a place to organize my projects and lay out a roadmap for what’s to come. I hope you will enjoy it too and that it will spark a little joy and creativity in yourself as well!

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