The Dancing Rabbit Cafe

Anyone who new Cyn (Cynthia Deere) knew how much she loved creating spaces in Second Life where people could come together over a cup of coffee and enjoy the surrounding nature in the process. Her very first such hangout space was Jitters Coffee Shop. When I first met her, Jitters was located on a lakeside parcel of land on a private sim and it was full of nature and life, just like Cyn was.

It wasn’t long before Cyn and I became fast friends, bonding over our love of coffee, nature and our four-legged babies. We spoke every day, sharing stories of our lives. She loved her family and lit up when she spoke of her grandchildren, which was often, as they would frequently Facetime with her wondering when she was coming over to see them.

As our friendship grew, so did our bond. Cyn became very active in The Nature Collective community, quickly becoming a beloved member. We also began to acquire land next to each other in Second Life, building and creating to compliment the other’s area. When I moved The Nature Collective’s home base location to Mainland, Cyn acquired the plot of land next to it and went on to create some amazing spaces, one of which was her New Moon Cottage build in the Autumn of 2022. It was during this time that Cynthia acquired a second area of land in a next-door Mainland sim and created The Dancing Rabbit Café.

New Moon Cottage, September 2022

From the beginning, The Dancing Rabbit Café was magical. Rabbits were everywhere, getting into mischief and Cyn created a hangout space that was serene and welcoming. The café moved a couple of times before it landed at what Cyn wanted it to become its forever home – next to my bee and pollinator reserve, What the Buzz. While I landscaped the land for her, Cyn set about waving her magic wand and created another stunning version of The Dancing Rabbit, which quickly became a favorite of Second Life residents.

Cyn’s beloved rabbits, The Dancing Rabbit Café

Sadly, Cyn passed away suddenly on March 10, 2023 leaving a big hole in The Nature Collective Community and in my heart as well. Luckily, with the support of Cyn’s real life family, I was able to acquire The Dancing Rabbit for the purpose of preserving it – in memory of her and for all those who enjoy her creations. It is my hope that you will spend time here, among the greenery and the wildlife and share this place with your friends and loved ones. Nothing would make Cyn happier than knowing that we are all still enjoying her spaces and feeding her beloved rabbits for her while raising a cup of coffee in her name.

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