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I discovered Sage and Crystals Magazine quite by accident. I was working one day on my bee and pollinator reserve, What the Buzz, when Zoeynova Oatsmill showed up in the most adorable outfit to take a photo. We got to talking and she mentioned that What the Buzz was being featured in an article about where our fellow pollinator friends go during the winter months entitled “It’s Fall! Where are all the Bees?” To say I was instantly captivated by Zoey was an understatement. She was bubbly and full of life and it was clear that she had a deep love for SL, its residents and what it represented to so many different people. This love of all things SL clearly runs throughout her SL publication, Sage and Crystals magazine.

In her own words, Zoey describes Sage & Crystals magazine:

“The mission statement of our magazine states, ‘Sage and Crystals SL is a magazine created by a Second Life collective to present a virtual wellness and lifestyle magazine that supports and promotes the rich ethnic and cultural diversity that exists within SL.’ The magazine is meant to be representative of the world at large as it exists on the grid without a bow to prejudice and stereotypes.”

The magazine stands true to its mission statement and its support of the ethnic and cultural diversity in SL is quite evident just by looking at their publication. Diving deeper into the magazine you see that there is also a cozy vibe running throughout and that a lot of thought and care goes into the material they choose to present and how they present it. This vibe is even more evident when you watch the beautiful videos that they have put together for their “At Home with Sage and Crystals” series on their YouTube channel.

Sage and Crystals YouTube Channel

I consider myself lucky and truly honored that I was chosen for their Creator Spotlight in their Spring/Summer 2023 issue. I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to do a feature on me or The Nature Collective. Zoey made the whole process such a great experience and it’s always nice to see people discover and connect with The Nature Collective and what we are all about.

Second Life needs more people in it like Zoey and her beautiful magazine. There are so many different sides and layers to Second Life that not everyone sees. The spotlight that Sage and Crystals shines on these is a warm and welcome beacon and I for one, personally hope that their publication is around for a very long time to come.

You can read the current issue (as well as previous issues) of Sage and Crystals here and follow their YouTube channel here.

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